Supporting the GWR Customer Experience Learning and Development Team

The GWR Learning and Development Customer Services Team is led by Richard Green. Over the last year there have been changes within the team, with several new team members recruited to cover maternity leave and secondments as well as filling permanent vacancies and new posts.

The Customer Services training team design, deliver and evaluate customer service training events. These include developing role specific competence, knowledge and standards, induction training and those developing job skills/behaviours.

As part of his drive for continuous improvement, Richard is keen to support:

  • the onboarding and ongoing development of his (new and existing) delivery team members
  • a consistent approach to behavioural role modelling by his trainers
  • a baseline for effective and professional training delivery
  • the development of a shared ethos towards training delivery excellence

t4c recognise that a great and effective training team pay attention to the ‘WHAT’, the ‘WHY’ and the ‘HOW’ within training design and delivery. The ‘WHY’ involves team members developing knowledge and understanding about their purpose in influencing the GWR vision, is usually explored at recruitment/onboarding and is reinforced within role profiles and responsibilities. The ‘WHAT’ and the ‘HOW’ includes trainers developing the required skills and competences to meet the expectations for the role, as well as demonstrating the values-based behaviours which reflect the desired GWR cultural behaviours.

t4c has supported the Customer Services training team using a series of meetings, observations, CPD discussions and ongoing 1 to 1 coaching activities.

Feedback from trainers has included:

‘I see you as a critical friend which I really like and something I have been missing since starting this role. I am feeling upbeat and positive’

‘I found it super helpful and I have definitely picked up things to work on!’
‘I’ve found the entire process really beneficial and a huge help with my own personal development.’

‘I am feeling positive and the day has had me reflect a lot on my skills and abilities.  You have confirmed what I already knew but also what I didn’t. I have gained a lot of value from it.’