Our style of facilitation is about being present, coaching and ‘pulling’, rather than instructional, telling and ‘pushing’. We work hard to create a safe and inclusive learning environment and build in opportunities to build trust and rapport with our learners throughout every event we design. We know that enabling and empowering our learners to ‘be the best they can be’ encourages participation and growth.

In both our virtual and face to face delivery, we draw on techniques from the theatre to engage at all levels. Being able to represent and acknowledge current attitudes and behaviours of the organisation, and at the same time able to ‘hold the mirror up’ to the specific attitudes and behaviours in the room is an essential element of the learning journey.

Some of the techniques we might use include:

  • Experiential skills practice
  • Action learning
  • Vox pops/montage
  • Small group discussion
  • Self-assessment
  • Story telling
  • Coaching
  • Use of film
  • Real play
  • Hot seats

Our approach is to develop totally bespoke interactions which are grounded in the specific organisation and reflect their current reality. t4c uses a talented team of writers, actors, designers and facilitators to devise interactive and impactful interventions.