Our overall approach to dynamic training

Working in partnership with our customers means that we spend time getting to know exactly what their businesses need to make the improvements that they want to make. We seek every opportunity to explore the strategic intention behind the development, and to align our training or learning solutions within their business plan and with all the other interventions and initiatives within their business.

This alignment will maximize the return of the investment made, and means that each delegate has complete clarity about how everything fits together, and what the benefits of the learning experience include for them.


Doing our homework


Everything we design represents our customers own vision and values. We explore how we want each delegate to think, feel and do as a result of their experiential learning experience. All training and learning solutions are totally bespoke and developed within our customer partnership approach.

Our approach will ensure the partnership team explores how to create the right environment for learning, how to enable all the learning to be transferred back to the workplace, how to embed the changes in behaviour and how to celebrate success and achievements. Our research reports and conclusions become the basis for both design and evaluation activities.

Continually improving


The development of our product does not stop once we start delivering the training. We have a dedicated quality assurance team who assess our product throughout the life of a programme.

We recognise on longer term projects that business needs, issues and market challenges can change, and the t4c product is flexible enough to accommodate any changes so that it always represents your current business culture.

Our delivery teams attend t4c development activities on a regular basis to share best practice as a team, and to help each of them to keep up to the minute, fresh and energetic in their delivery style.


Designing the training


Once we have completed research, we undertake design as a team. Using relevant drama and theatre concepts, we consider your entire delegate experience – which includes understanding how they are invited, how the context of the event is shared with them, what happens to them afterwards, as well as their experience on the day. The design team will consciously consider how we engage with all learning styles, how we will maintain pace and energy and how we will maximize all opportunities to create a positive and effective learning experience.

In the theatre any new production is always rehearsed so that the audience has an effective experience. We thought why should learning be any different? Because all of our learning solutions are bespoke we road test them all before we deliver them to you. This gives us the opportunity to refine the product as it is lifted from design to delivery. This also means that those first pilot events with you are 100% effective, and therefore, returning on the investment right from the programmes start.

Improving performance


We know that you want to see a return on your investment, and we know that you want to see tangible results in your business linked to the training. We base our programme evaluation process on the widely used Kirkpatrick model. We measure the effectiveness of the training at four levels. These are:

  • Reaction – how do the individuals respond, how relevant is the design, how accurate was the training needs analysis and research?
  • Learning – what is the difference in knowledge, skills and motivation during and after the training?
  • Performance – what impact does the training have on an individuals performance, what skills, knowledge and behaviours are transferred back to work?
  • Impact – what impact has the training had on tangible business measures such as customer satisfaction ratings, net promoter scores, number of complaints, levels of staff engagement?

We also assess the overall project approach by monitoring the specifically agreed Key Performance Indicators that are agreed between us at the start of each training programme.

If you would like to learn more about how t4c could help your business, or just want to explore ideas with us, please feel free to make contact with us, we look forward to hearing from you.


Next Steps

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