Coaching and mentoring

t4c is able to provide personal coaching and 1 to 1 development support throughout your organisation, from executive coaching to frontline staff. Many of our team hold ILM levels 5 and 7 coaching and mentoring qualifications, supplemented by our team members who have expertise in the use and application across a range of psychometric too.

A ‘typical’ coaching assignment consists of between 4 and 8 sessions (6 is a good guide) and has a specific focus. (as opposed to mentoring, which is much broader, and is a more long-term approach) Some coachees may only require 1 or 2 sessions, others may require all 8. When we’ve worked within organisations before and used our team of coaches, we have an agreed ‘supervision’ process where the coaches support each other as a team, and we use external ‘supervision’ (either from outside the coaching team but inside t4c, or outside t4c if needed) to monitor and maintain the quality of the coaching delivery.

When we undertake a coaching assignment, we’re focussed on creating stimulating and challenging conversations which will enable the ‘coachee’, to raise their self-awareness and explore how best to achieve their development goals. As an external, confidential, and independent resource we aim to work with individuals who are keen to harness their own internal skills and talents to explore ideas and solutions towards achieving specific and defined goals.

We will include personal skills development as a ‘one off’, or as part of a wider programme – we have the flexibility to tailor and to add this whenever we agree there will be a benefit. Do give us a call to discuss how we can help and support the individuals in your business.