Experiential learning

What do you remember most about an interaction? What you saw, what you heard, or how it made you feel? What has the biggest impact on your long-term memory?

Whether in a face to face or virtual environment, experiential learning influences emotions and feelings as well as enhancing and developing skills and knowledge. Harnessing emotions as part of the learning experience leads directly to better long-term memory, and more sustainable changes in behaviour, competence and confidence.

Our approach uses drama and techniques from the theatre to create a learning experience that is fun, safe, and highly effective. Some of the specific techniques include:


Live interactive drama


Our actors will bring your culture to life with instantly recognisable characters who behave, speak, and interact with each other in scripted scenes. Sometimes they may address the learners directly using a mono or duologue format, potentially representing the current reality and perspectives within your organisation. Or perhaps we’ll play with time, and create scenes set in the future, or the past, to illustrate opportunities and progress. Our skilled facilitators will host subsequent discussions to explore what learners have seen and heard, as well as how this made them feel.

Real play


Learners interact directly with our actor characters in an activity that provides an opportunity for learners to experiment and to try new skills and techniques out. We can play with time to explore different approaches while working in a safe environment, and our actors will deliver personalised evidence-based feedback to support the learning. Real Play can also hold the mirror up so that learners meet themselves and feel what it’s like to be on the receiving end of their own behaviours and choices. Our delegates often tell us that it’s this activity which is the most powerful and memorable, and which makes the biggest difference to their learning


Hot seats


This technique allows learners to talk directly to characters allowing them to explore the motivations, beliefs, attitudes which have driven the behaviours and interactions observed. As well as gaining the character perspective about the impact of their behavioural choices on themselves and on others.

Business simulation


Set in fictional organisations, our teams of actors will bring your business culture to life, giving learners the opportunity to lead, develop strategies, practise tactics and skills, and build effective teams in a safe environment. Problems and challenges will be thrown in to replicate the reality that the learners experience in their working environment.




We have experienced team members who can write, film, edit and produce learning support materials such as video and sound. Using a range of different mediums enables us to stimulate all the senses during a learning event, delivering a high impact experience. Film can also be used as part of the ongoing embedding and sustaining activities after the immediate learning interventions.


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