Our core thinking

We start with the very firm belief that anyone can learn to change their behaviour if they are emotionally committed to making the changes, if they understand how they will benefit, and if they are supported throughout the learning to develop the skills and techniques which will work for them.

Simply being told how to behave and what to do is not enough. We believe that the most effective learning is about unlocking potential and is best achieved by building effective relationships. We know that being involved in learning is different to being instructed!

Our core philosophy at t4c is that learning involves

Knowledge + Skill + Motivation = CHANGED BEHAVIOUR

And that making learning stick involves…

Grabbing Attention + Making Connections + Emotional Response + Practise = EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

Traditional classroom training techniques often only target the logical side of the brain. Learners may well leave the classroom with more knowledge, but are they truly motivated to transfer this knowledge into skills, and thus change their behaviour?

When delegates feel frustration at being poorly managed, feel angry at being undervalued, feel misunderstood by a customer service professional, they will respond in an emotive way. At t4c we ensure that these emotive responses enter the learning environment. Using actors to recreate delegates own working environments we bring them face to face with poor customer service, strained team relationships or difficult sales scenarios. But we are not content to leave it there. Having provoked an emotive response, we then coach, rather than instruct to establish exactly how they can behave differently, and achieve true, long lasting effectiveness from the learning.

We believe that putting new skills into practice is a challenge that should be practiced in the learning environment and not just left until back at work. So the memorable parts of our events are not the coffee and lunch breaks, but what goes on in between.


Next Steps

We know that a website will never replace meeting over a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit, so we would love to hear from you to listen to your specific business requirements.

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