train4change is working with the new West Midlands Trains senior Operations leadership team to unlock their potential as a team, build and strengthen relationships and explore their team profile and dynamics.       

Using MBTI tools to explore the responses of the senior team members under stress and pressure, t4c is enabling the Operations leadership team to work together to identify their strengths and communication ‘blind spots’, and to use this knowledge and increased self- awareness to proactively build their resilience and effectiveness. Personal 1:1 coaching sessions support the team development activities.

train4change is also working with the West Midlands Trains (WMT) Control team. WMT and Network Rail are co-operating and collaborating as an Alliance to deliver large scale improvements over the lifetime of the franchise to enable a better overall travelling experience for the WMT customer. One of the aims for the Alliance is to co-locate the Control teams in the West Midlands Signalling Centre at Saltley. t4c has designed and delivered an interactive workshop to enable the final stages of this collaborative initiative to be completed on time, and with maximum commitment and involvement of both Control teams.



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