Delivering more effective meetings in WaterAid

Collaborating with colleagues across the world to deliver their global strategy inevitably meant that most people in WaterAid invest time in business meetings during the working day. Making sure that every meeting is an effective use of time and resource directly contributes to achieving the WaterAid mission.

WaterAid asked t4c to develop a bespoke DVD and facilitation package which could be used anywhere in the world to encourage more effective meetings behaviours. The project also involved t4c training the UK facilitation team who would cascade and share the materials and key messages.

The ‘Meeting Hawa’ film follows three separate meetings in WaterAid offices, and shows simultaneous footage of Hawa walking in Africa to obtain water for her family. The emotive discussion then explores how meeting behaviours influence how WaterAid delivers its business vision. It includes a review of how we each behave in meetings and identifies best practice meeting behaviours which derive directly from the WaterAid values. Both the DVD and the pack were then translated into French and Portuguese.

The facilitation team who attended the launch event were 95% satisfied with the relevance of their session. 95% of those who attended committed to changing their own behaviour during subsequent meetings.

Some of the WaterAid facilitation teams’ reflected on:

  • ‘The time and resources wasted in meeting while people’s lives are at stake’ (Teferi)
  • ‘The way I have been behaving and its cost and impact on my team and our beneficiaries’ (Apollos)
  • ‘The impact – bigger picture of what we are here to do and how ultimately everyone and how they behave are part of this’ (Emily)
  • ‘I was able to reflect at some of the key time wasting which happens during our meetings and identify some areas for improvement’ (Sohail)