Improving the customer experience at SWR

train4change started working with South Western Railway (SWR) in 2018, and we’re currently delivering the third phase of an extensive cultural change programme, ‘Momentum’, which is designed to put the customer experience at the heart of the organisation, connecting every employee to the business purpose, and enabling empowered decisions and behaviours which will improve the customer experience.

This is a long-term programme which involves the entire organisation, starting with activities for the Executive, then leadership teams. ‘Momentum’ has included defining the business purpose and vision, and this third phase extends to all employees to connect every role with each other, with the customer, and with the business purpose. Phase four includes activities to develop the core customer experience delivery skills in all first line colleagues and managers and will start in early 2020.

Early reactions have included:

‘A huge thank you to ‘train4change’ and the South Western Railway Customer Experience team for the delivery of SWR Momentum. It has given me a further insight in how we CAN and WILL deliver for our Customers and Colleagues moving forward. #empowerment #engagement #chooseyourattitude’

‘A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking day. I came out of the course with the best mind set I have ever had. I now feel part of First, part of the franchise and know the direction we’re going. If this course has the same effect on even 20% of attendees, I have no doubt that the business will reap the rewards on a huge scale – not just for customers but staff too.’