Developing a world class customer experience for Cskills Awards

Cskills Awards is the awarding organisation for Construction Industry Training Board and works nationally with approved training and assessment centres to enable candidates to achieve qualifications and development goals. With the dissolution of the CAA in July 2013 Cskills Awards were competing as a commercial organization.

One of their strategic objectives was to:

achieve market leading customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing world class customer experiences

The role of the Quality Assurance team is to provide support to customers who deliver the qualifications to ensure that each centre meets the standards of qualification delivery and to promote and share good practice across the assessment process. The Cskills Awards commitment published on the website is:

We promise to provide a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team to help and support you every step of the way
Cskills Awards requested train4change to develop and facilitate an event to enable the Q/A team to be ‘best in class’ and to demonstrate behaviours which will deliver a world class customer experience.

The Big Build event was delivered in May 2013 to 12 of the Quality Assurance team. Delegates reported that they were 94% satisfied about the events for relevance and 92% satisfied for knowledge gained. The event overall satisfaction rating was 96%.

Some of the delegates commented:

‘The event was excellent and met with its objectives’

Duncan Hayler

‘The learning was pitched and timed well for the needs of the audience. Overall a very enjoyable experience.’

Andrew Benstead

As a result of the training delegates highlighted what they would do differently to deliver a ‘world class customer experience’:

‘Stop interrupting people and listening more’

Andrew Benstead

‘Listen to what is being said and summarise’

Jon Green

‘Be understanding and non-judgmental’

Richard Lewis