Developing the skills and behaviours to lead a team at Covea

t4c has worked in partnership with Covea Insurance (was Provident Insurance) for 16 years and we are pleased to continue our relationship with Covea. Our work has been in supporting their internal development portfolio for front line managers and team leaders (the Talent programme), and senior managers (the Inspire programme) with specifically designed learning modules which develop the skills and behaviours required to lead and inspire teams.

Both the Talent and Inspire programmes are delivered virtually. Within Talent, Team leaders work with a virtual team of characters which enables the team leaders to practise the application of the new skills and techniques they are learning, fast tracking their application back into the workplace.

Initial responses from learners include:

‘All of the trainers were superb. This was a great training experience as it was different from sitting down and looking at a video / PowerPoint all day.’

‘I thought the training was brilliant, it was in a different format to any training I have previously done. It was interactive and really got you thinking.’

‘I loved the workshop, it was really interesting, and I picked up so many new skills I can bring to my everyday role managing my team. The acting by the team was brilliant and the whole day was really engaging. The best Talent day so far!’

Sara Harrison, Learning and Development Manager at Covea, commented:

‘I would highly recommend t4c to support your learning programmes, from the outset they partner with you and work in close collaboration. Sarah shows a keen interest in our organisation wanting to get to the heart of who we are to ensure the learning solutions are congruent with our values and aspirations. It is this close partnership that ensures the learning interventions are delivered in the right way. The sessions Sarah’s team delivers are highly immersive for our Leadership cohorts resulting in significant learning, they are not also educational, but also fun. Sarah is highly responsive when our requirements change due to the need to adapt to our evolving teams and environment. The feedback we get from our t4c sessions is outstanding.’