Great Experiences with GWR




t4c continue to work in close partnership with GWR to deliver the Great Experience Makers programme to everyone in the GWR business.

We are getting some amazing feedback from those who have already been part of this programme, and we are continuing to collect their stories of success and review their feedback once they have returned to the work place.  This helps us to continually improve the programme and be able to offer the best support to embed and sustain the learning.

GWR are passionate about delivering a great experience to all of their customers, and are leading the way in putting the customer experience at the heart of their business.

To read more about GWR, just follow this link:

Heritage is also being very important to GWR, and they have just launched their new uniforms, which have been specially designed to reflect this. Take a look at how smart they look when you are next on board!

And if you look really closely you may spot a ‘Great Experience Maker’ badge which will let you know who has been part of the training programme already.



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